Vectra 3D Imaging

At Contoura Facial Plastic Surgery we are proud to provide our patients with the most advanced simulation imaging technology available. Our practice now offers the VECTRA 3D and the System and Sculptor Software.

What is the Vectra 3D Imaging?face-sculptor-nose-and-chin

The Vectra 3D is a state of the art imaging system that allows patients to preview their expected results prior to undergoing a procedure. During your consultation with Dr. Garcia, he will take several photographs of a patient’s face or specific part that will be performed on. He will then create a 3D digital replication of the same body part using the VECTRA simulator. These images will allow Dr. Garcia to preview the various surgical/nonsurgical options with the patient.

Benefits of Vectra 3D

The Simulation software will help the patient see the expected results of their procedure.  Dr. Garcia will then match the patient’s cosmetic appearance and the results they are anticipating.

As an assessment tool, the VECTRA 3D technology will help educate patients about their current cosmetic condition and the various options available to address those conditions.

The Vectra 3D Camera

The Vectra 3D camera is the leading provider of clinical imaging systems.  The technology was developed to help doctors provide their patients with a tool to facilitate communication between doctors and patients. At Contoura Facial Plastic Surgery, we use the most advanced procedures, techniques and medical equipment to best serve our patients.

Where can Vectra 3D Imaging be used?

Vectra Simulation Software will simulate expected cosmetic result for a variety of facial aesthetic procedures. Vectra simulation software allows Dr. Garcia to show his patients what they will look like after a rhinoplasty. With this technology, he can show what changes can be made to the bridge of the nose, the tip of the nose and how other features can be modified with surgery. In addition, by simulating a chin augmentation with rhinoplasty, the patient can visualize how the features can be more balanced with the rest of the face.

By utilizing the Gray Mode feature on the 3D Imaging, Dr. Garcia can evaluate contours and show the patient what areas of the face require volume augmentation. He can then simulate the augmentation and illustrate the improvement. Vectra 3D can show surface conditions on the skin such as red capillaries and brown spots.

Dr. Garcia says, “My patients love this technology and appreciate that they can visualize what their results will look like.  I love being able to have this dialogue with my patients so that they feel more confident about their expected results.”

What to expect when using the Vectra 3D?

As part of your cosmetic consultation you will have several photos of your face taken.  Using the special simulation software, Dr. Garcia will show you the possible results of the aesthetic procedure you may choose to have. He will show you the various options related to the areas of correction you are seeking. Once you are comfortable with the result of the simulation, Dr. Garcia will recommend a surgical or non surgical plan for you.

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