Contoura LIFT®

Dr. Roberto Garcia of Contoura Facial Plastic Surgery in Ponte Vedra Beach offers Contoura LIFT®, an in-office procedure to lift sagging skin on the face and neck. Introducing this procedure in January 2018, Dr. Roberto Garcia has had great success with the ability to turn the clock back 8-10 years for his patients.

Contoura Lift Before and After Results - Ponte Vedra Beach

What is Contoura LIFT®?

Contoura LIFT® is a minimally invasive procedure developed and performed by Facial Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Roberto Garcia. The Contoura LIFT® is performed to elevate the cheeks and give the lower face a more youthful appearance. As our face ages, the muscles and tissues sag downward; volume is lost; and the jowls become more prominent. The Contoura LIFT® repositions the droopy cheek tissue and restores a youthful contour of the cheeks. The procedure will also soften the fold between the nose and cheek. So why now for a Contoura LIFT®?

  • Performed under 1 hour
  • Rapid recovery
  • Immediate results
  • Back to life in less than 1 week

Ideal Candidate for Contoura LIFT®

The loss of a defined jawline is the hallmark of an aged lower face. The ideal candidate for the Contoura LIFT® procedure is an individual who has noticed a descension of the cheeks and development of jowls.

contoura lift before and after patient photos - ponte vedra beach

How is Contoura LIFT® Performed?

Dr. Roberto Garcia performs the Contoura LIFT® at his office in Ponte Vedra Beach and takes LESS THAN ONE HOUR! Patients will be under local anesthesia. If necessary, the patient may be given some oral medicines to relax them as well. The deep layers of the face and cheek are lifted with sutures that are placed near the ear or the hairline. The patient will return to the office to meet with Dr. Garcia 7-12 days after the procedure so he can remove the sutures.


Contoura lift Before & After Patient Results

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Contoura LIFT® vs. Facelift

The Contoura LIFT® procedure addresses the cheeks and the jawline, giving patients a beautiful, natural result. Facelift surgery is more extensive in that it will treat the loose skin on the neck, jawline, and brow area.

Side Effects

After the Contoura LIFT® procedure, patients will experience minimal swelling and bruising. Side effects can reduce by using an ice compression 24-48 hours after the procedure. In fact, because this procedure is so minimally invasive, the bruising at one week is barely perceptible. The swelling and discomfort are also very minimal.

Contoura LIFT® Rapid Recovery

Where classically the recovery for this type of procedure could be 6-8 weeks, the patient is able to see the amazing results right after surgery. Most patients can resume normal activities at 2 days and can return to social activities within 2 weeks. Of course, every patient heals differently but most patients look great within 7-10 days. The incisions are well concealed so that even the smallest amount of makeup can hide the residual effect of just having had surgery.

How Long Do Results Last?

The ability to treat the early signs of aging in the mid-face using the Contoura LIFT® provides results that are long lasting due to Dr. Garcia’s proprietary techniques. As a rule, the results are permanent in that one will ALWAYS look 8-10 years younger than had they not had the surgery performed. The results are very natural and our patients simply look refreshed and reinvigorated.

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