What is Kybella?

Kybella (deoxycholic acid) was introduced into the consumer market in April of 2015.  Kybella received its approval from the FDA for non-surgical treatment of submental fullness, making it the only one of its kind on the market. Kybella is unique in that it provides a non-surgical option to treating submental fullness (fat in the neck) with no downtime and very minimal discomfort.

It works by dissolving the fat in the neck over the course of a 2-4 week period. The fat deposits in the neck can shrink by one third (1/3). Essentially, a patient can come to the office during their lunch hour and go back to work the same day.

Dr. Roberto Garcia was chosen among 120 other leading medical experts nationwide to become the first group of physicians to introduce this product to the market.  After being trained by the company in Miami, he became a trainer for Kybella and has trained over 50 physicians locally from Charlotte to Orlando.


Commonly Asked Questions About Kybella

What can a Kybella do for me?

Kybella will improve the look of the submental region by dissolving fat. Most patients will require 2-3 treatments with the biggest difference evident after the second treatment.

Who is a good candidate for Kybella?

The best candidates for a Kybella want to correct the fullness in the neck region caused by deposits of fat. The best candidates are in good health but simply have localized fat deposit in the neck area. Many patients have this localized fat in the submental area due to heredity, not necessarily due to diet and weight.

The allergic potential for Kybella is very low, as this product is a synthesized variant of an enzyme we currently have in our body.

How is Kybella performed?

On the day of your procedure, photos will be taken. The treatment area will then be marked and identified.  Local anesthetic is gently placed so that the patient is comfortable.  Kybella is then carefully placed into the desired areas.  The whole process takes about 30 minutes allowing the patient to quickly resume their normal activity.

Before and After Results

*Individual Results May Vary

Dr. Roberto Garcia has performed hundreds of Kybella injections and has perfected his technique to where the process is painless and very comfortable.

What is the recovery from Kybella Injections like?

There is virtually no recovery from these injections.  Patients generally will state that there is some mild discomfort and swelling at the sites of injections.  This will persist for a few weeks, but dissipates quickly. Dr. Garcia likes to see his patients back in 4 weeks for a new set of comparative photos and possible re-treatment.

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What are the risks of Kybella?

Although rare, possible complications of Kybella include bleeding, infection, numbness, bruising, swelling or discoloration.  These are  very rare and uncommon.

How long do the effects of Kybella last?

During the Kybella treatment, the fat is dissolved and will not come back for a very long time.  Nevertheless, one will continue to age, therefore, 10-15 years from now, one may begin to show similar signs of facial aging.

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