Cases in Non-Surgical

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Chemical Peel

February 19, 2019
by Carmen

This patient had a Chemical Peel to address the discoloration and texture of her skin.


by Carmen

Patient concerned with fullness in the neck area.  Patient underwent 2 Kybella treatments to treat the fullness.

Kybella treatment

July 17, 2018
by Carmen

34 year old female concerned with neck fullness was treated with 1 treatment of Kybella.

Filler to Tear Trough using Catheter

May 29, 2018
by Carmen

29 year old concerned with sunken appearance on lower eyelids.  The filler Vollure was injected using a catheter to achieve a more rejuvenated appearance under the eyes.

Lip Augmentation

January 10, 2018
by Carmen

42 year old female concerned with lack of fullness in her lips. She was treated with Juvederm with excellent results.

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