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Cosmetic surgery of the face has long been a procedure mostly known to women. In today’s market, men are increasingly looking at cosmetic procedures for themselves. Recent statistics show that from 2000-2014, there was an increase of 50% with Nasal Surgery and Eyelid Surgery. Eyelid Surgery is the most common facial procedure for men.

A similar increase in demand was seen with injectable procedures, seeing a 23% increase from 2000-2014.

As a whole, men are seeking out facial cosmetic procedures for a variety of reasons. Men usually want cosmetic procedures for two reasons:  to look good and to stay competitive in the job market. Due to higher demand in the workforce and stiffer competition with a younger population, men are now seeking facial cosmetic procedures more than ever.

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Considerations for men seeking cosmetic procedures

Oftentimes, when men are considering cosmetic procedures, they have many questions.  Some include:

  • Will I look wind blown or plastic?
  • Will I look like something was done?
  • Can I get back to work soon?
  • Will my friends know that I had something done?

Dr. Garcia is very cognizant of these concerns. Having performed thousands of procedures in his career, his goal is always the same:  long lasting, natural results. His male patients look years younger, but no one can tell that they had something done.

What are some common Procedures done for Men?

  • Botox and Fillers
  • Chin Implants
  • Eyelid Surgery
  • Facelift Surgery
  • Rhinoplasty
  • Skin Resurfacing

Before and After Results

*Individual Results May Vary

Botox and Fillers for Men

This is the most common procedure for men and the most common procedure overall in the United States.  Botox has been in use for almost 30 years.  Initially, Botox was indicated for medical use (torticollis, muscle contractures, spasmodic dysphonia) and then gained FDA approval in 1999 for the use of relaxing muscles of the forehead that cause creases and lines.

The use of Botox for men is becoming more and more common. The most important principles when injecting Botox are that the forehead maintain some motion, while raising the brows somewhat and softening the vertical lines between the eyes.

Fillers are used to soften smile lines and often times can be used to soften hollows around the eyes, which can age men tremendously.

Eyelid Surgery

The second most popular surgery among men. Heavy upper eyelids can obstruct a man’s vision and give them a tired, fatigued look. It is well understood that loose skin of the upper eyelids causes hooding and even limited field of vision.

Eyelid surgery offers dramatic results and quick recovery for patients. Dr.  Garcia is very experienced in this type of surgery.

The procedure itself is simple. Men will typically drive themselves to the office, have the procedure done, and drive home. The process is painless, quick and very natural.  The incisions are located in creases above the eye and are virtually invisible. This surgery literally takes Dr. Garcia less than 30 minutes and is very affordable.

Facelift Surgery

Surgery of the aging face is Dr. Garcia’s specialty. As such, he sees patients of all different ages and backgrounds.

Usually, men would like to see improvement with respect to the downturn of the mouth and the bands in the neck. The male patients wants 3 things from aging face surgery:

  • Natural results
  • Quick Recovery
  • Invisible scars

The procedures for aging face surgery of men accomplishes those three things while providing amazing results.  Our male patients simply look refreshed, not like they had surgery.

The recovery is longer than the prior surgeries, usually from 7-10 days.  Most of our male patients are back to work within 10 days.

Chin Implant Surgery

Having a strong chin has long been a sign of masculinity. A recessed chin can have the opposite effect.

Dr. Garcia has extensive experience with chin implant surgery. A review of his before and after photos illustrates how a chin implant can make the face look “stronger”.

The implant is generally placed through a small incision in the mouth, but can oftentimes be placed through the smallest of incisions below the chin.  The recovery is very short and most men are back to work in 2-3 days.

Nasal Surgery (Rhinoplasty)

Nasal surgery is the most common surgery for men. In addition to cosmetic concerns, there might be functional problems related to breathing and snoring.

Being a double board certified Facial Plastic Surgeon, and board certified in Otolaryngology, Dr. Garcia believes that the function of the nose must first be addressed before the aesthetic appearance. Improvement in breathing and snoring can dramatically improve the quality of life for men.

Male rhinoplasty can be challenge because there needs to be balance with a man’s desire to maintain a masculine appearance  and achieving the desired correction.

Skin Resurfacing

Skin resurfacing is a very common procedure that will address the issues of fine lines and old acne scars from childhood. Men may have old acne scarring over the cheeks and thickened skin over the nose, making the nose appear much bigger than what it is.

Dr. Garcia will review your skin issues at the time of consult and recommend the most effective, conservative, and natural treatment for your skin.

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