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What is Brow lift Surgery?

A brow lift, also commonly called a forehead lift, rejuvenates the face above the eyes to restore a more refreshed appearance by removing excess sagging skin on the forehead. A brow lift can correct a heavy, sagging brow and restore a smoother, more youthful contour to the upper one-third of the face.

Jacksonville Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Roberto Garcia has performed thousands of aging face surgeries. He has also developed a very conservative and natural approach that provides patients with minimal downtime and amazing results.

What does a brow lift improve?

A brow lift improves the look of the upper third of the face. It is most effective for correcting the following:

  • Horizontal forehead lines
  • Vertical lines of the Glabella (area between the eyes)
  • Flattening of the eyebrows
  • Lateral hooding of the eyes
  • Too high of a hairline
  • Too low of a hairline
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*Individual Results May Vary

Brow lift Before and After Results

*Individual Results May Vary

Who is a good candidate for a brow lift or Forehead lift?

The ideal candidates for a brow lift or forehead lift is someone who wants to correct one, or more, of the signs of aging; have some forehead sagging, but still have elasticity in their skin; are generally healthy; and have realistic expectations about what a brow lift can do.

Most brow lift patients are between the ages of 40 and 60 and seek to refresh their appearance through the removal of frown lines and drooping brows. The goal of a brow lift is to elevate the brows and erase the lines and creases on the forehead. Patients considering a brow lift usually feel that their sagging brows are giving them a tired, drowsy, or upset countenance, regardless of how they actually feel. If you have these cosmetic issues, a brow lift could be a great option:

  • Drooping brows
  • Horizontal lines across the forehead
  • Deep furrows between the brows
  • An angry or tired appearance
  • Heavy upper eyelids

If you want an easy preview of what a brow lift can achieve, there is a simple method. Stand in front of a mirror and take the lower palms of your hands and place them just above the eyebrows on each side of your head. Now pull those palms up and away from your eyes. What you see is basically what a brow lift will accomplish.

Brow lift Surgery Procedure

Dr. Roberto Garcia performs brow lift surgery either alone or in conjunction with other aging face surgeries, such as, eyelid surgery or blepharoplasty. If performed alone, he performs the procedure in an office based surgery setting under mild sedation with a local anesthetic. If Dr. Garcia is performing the brow lift as part of another surgery necessitating heavier anesthesia, it will be done in a JCAHO/AAAHC accredited surgery center with board certified Anesthesiologists, Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists, and Registered Nurses.  Patients may have a choice of IV sedation or general anesthesia. The procedure can vary from 1-3 hours in length.

Dr. Roberto Garcia performs a unique and natural technique with barely visible scars that blend into the natural hairline.  During the procedure, no hair is removed.  As the incisions heal, they blend beautifully within the hairline. During your brow lift consultation and the day of surgery, Dr. Roberto Garcia will explain the procedure to the patient in detail.

Brow lift Recovery

After brow lift surgery, Dr. Roberto Garcia wraps the incisions in light bandages that are removed the next morning. The next morning all incisions are carefully cleaned by our staff and the hair is gently cleansed.

Dr. Roberto Garcia specializes in a very meticulous closure of all incisions. These stitches are carefully removed one week after the surgery. Swelling, numbness, bruising and a feeling of tightness or tension over the brow may be felt. Most of these side effects resolve within 2 to 3 weeks, and sensation typically returns to normal within a few months. The scars from brow lift surgery are imperceptible and most patients are back to their usual activities by 1 week.

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Brow lift Risks and Complications

The risks involved with this surgery are similar to all surgical procedures, infection, reaction to anesthesia, and problems with your incision. These are rare. Specifically with a brow lift, patients may have hair loss along the incision site and difficulty moving forehead muscles or brows. These are also rare. More typical is itching along the incision after the initial swelling and bruising have passed. This may last for months, but usually resolves itself after your nerves have adapted after surgery. Although rare, possible complications of a brow lift include:

  • Bleeding
  • Infection
  • Bruising
  • Swelling
  • Hair loss
  • Nerve injury
  • Temporary loss of sensation in the forehead

Brow Lift Results

While the changes to your forehead are immediate, your results will take a few weeks to fully show themselves. This is due to swelling and bruising associated with this procedure. Most swelling will run its course in 10 days or so, especially if you’re diligent about keeping your head elevated while sleeping. You may have some numbness and discomfort along the incision; this will progress to itching that can last for up to six months.

After a few weeks, your healing should be complete and you’ll notice a younger, revitalized appearance to your upper face. Your forehead will look naturally smooth and wrinkle free. Your eyebrows won’t sag and will make you appear more alert. Incisions are hidden in the hairline, and once your hair adapts they will not be visible.

Your results will permanently remove the sagging and the transverse lines and frown lines on your forehead. Of course, this procedure doesn’t stop the aging process, so your brows will continue to descend to a degree, but they will do so from a younger starting point. In most patients, their brow lifts provide truly visible results for 10-15 years.

The results of a brow lift or forehead lift are extremely long lasting. The patient may again begin to show similar signs of facial aging. In that case, a patient may choose to undergo “touch up” procedures like botox to keep a certain rejuvenated look.

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50 year old patient was concerned with general face aging and the appearance of her nose. She had a brow lift combined with a facelift and rhinoplasty. *Individual results may vary

The Brow lift Consultation Using 3D ImagingFace Sculptor Consultation - Contoura Facial Plastic Surgery

At Contoura Facial Plastic Surgery we offer the Vectra 3D, a state of the art imaging system that allows patients to preview their expected results prior to undergoing a procedure.

During your consultation, Jacksonville Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Roberto Garcia, will take photographs of a patient’s face or specific part that will be performed on. He will then create a 3D digital replication of the same body part using the VECTRA simulator. These images will allow Dr. Roberto Garcia to preview the various surgical/nonsurgical options with the patient.

Learn more about the Vectra 3D.

*Individual Results May Vary

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