Examining the Facelift Procedure

The aging face has principally 3 things that are happening during the aging process. The face ages due to skin thinning, volume loss, and gravitational changes. Today, we are going to focus on the causes of facial aging due to Gravitational changes.

When looking at the aging face and trying to find reason and simplicity, we divide the face into 3 components. The Upper 1/3 (Hairline to Eyes), the Middle 1/3 (Eyes to Jawline), and the Lower 1/3 (Jawline to the collar bones). We will take each one and discuss in some fair detail.
There are 3 directions in which the face ages. For this discussion, they will be A,B,C.

Direction A: This is the direction in which the forehead and the eyes age in a purely vertical direction. Years ago in my training, I studied 80 super models and looked at the position of their brow. We found that the brows should lie above the bony rim and arch at the point where the color of the eyes turns to white (lateral limbus). If this segment of the face ages purely vertical, then our treatments are opposite to this in the vertical direction.

Direction B: For years, the face was thought to age inward towards the nose. As such, the “pull” became common place where the patient looked wind-blown. Studies concluded that the mid face actually ages down, giving rise to the jowls, the marionette lines, and the down turning of the angle of the mouth. Again, if this segment of the face is aging down and in, then the lift must be up and out. Always lifting opposite to the effects of aging.

Direction C: In my practice, which is solely dedicated to the face, aging of the neck is the most common reason patients come to see me. As the neck ages, the muscle in the neck (platysma muscle) begins to pull apart leading to an obvious split of the muscle in the midline. The treatment most often deals with re-uniting those muscle folds back to where they were before the aging process started and then tightening the muscles from behind.

Having examined the 3 components of the gravitational changes that occur with aging, it is important to discuss my approach to this type of aging. This approach has lead me to become North Florida’s most experienced surgeon in the aging face. Simply put, I undo the process of aging and place tissues back to where they were before the aging process began. Looking at our website’s before and after photo gallery, one common thought will come across your mind; “they don’t look like they had surgery!” That is the art of this procedure.

For more information on the aging face, I strongly encourage all of you to download our newest book “The Art of Facial Aesthetics” on i-books or Kindle. This very comprehensive book goes into significant detail about the process of facial aging. We understand that the decision to undergo a surgical procedure is a big one, so we always encourage our patients to learn as much as possible about the process even before the consultation.

If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to call our office. We do not charge for consultations. We want this process to be as stress-free for our patients as possible.
Thank you for your time. Dr. Roberto Garcia

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