Posts From November, 2016

Holiday Specials for your Beauty Wish List

This Holiday Season give yourself the gift of beauty with our December specials! Who doesn’t love Gift Cards during the Holidays, right?! …For every $100 Gift Card purchased, receive $20 back for you to spend with us. Winter is the perfect time for Laser Hair Removal, IPL, or Fractional Laser.  All of our Laser packages…Read More

Why Choose a Facial Specialist?

For years, plastic surgery of the face was a specialty that stemmed from the realm of general surgery.  As such, there was no separation with the procedures done in the facial area.  Furthermore, most of the advancements in plastic surgery were typically seen in body aesthetics (i.e., breast, abdomen, thigh, buttocks, etc.). In 1981, a…Read More

Examining How the Lower Face Ages

The lower face ages in a very predictable manner.  After decades of studying this very issue, specialists like Dr. Garcia have found simple ways to address the signs of aging in this area. The lower face has 2 components:  the upper zone; the area from the temple to the jawline and the lower zone; the…Read More

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